Recording Studio

In the upstairs of the barn, situated across the road from The MacArthur House, is Red Heart Studios, a small and intimate recording studio operated by Tyler Gibbons. This is not a traditional recording studio with isolation rooms and a monstrous board. Rather it is a rustic and intimate space, filled with a variety of antique, unique and eclectic instruments where you can make your intimate-recording dreams come to fruition.


Working with Tyler Gibbons as your engineer, the studio can be rented on a daily basis or rented in conjunction with a residency at The MacArthur House.

This studio has been used to record projects by Beth Orton, Sam Amidon, Red Heart the Ticker, and others.

For more more details about rates and recording residencies, please contact Tyler Gibbons at ty (at)

Tyler Gibbons has been working as a professional musician and producer for over twenty years. You can read more about his work and experience at



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