Artists in Residence

We host artists in residence throughout the year. Our residencies range from day to month-long stays at the House. Some artists use our space once or twice a week, others stay at the house for a week or month to work on a sustained project.

Our residencies are not free, but we try our hardest to make them affordable.



Our current and recent artists include:


IMG_0539LUCIA KLOSTER. Lucia is an herbalist, a traveler, and an artist of many elements. Whether she is exploring the back trails of her home in Vermont searching for medicinal plants, or hiking the mountains of Norway, Lucia feels artistically inspired seeing new sights and living out of her backpack. Now as the nights lengthen and descend us into early September, Lucia hopes to capture the last hurrah of the summer by bringing the beauty of Marlboro, Vermont’s own unique wild flowers into pieces of art.
In her work intertwining herbalism and art by documenting wildflowers and other plants through photos, drawings, paintings and writings, Lucia’s wildflower project is meant to inspire us to become aware of our precious lands that are blossoming with medicinal plants and wildflowers. Her hope is that this awareness will lead us to take action to preserve and protect the work of art that is Mother Nature.
Lucia holds a BA in Art and a MA in Theology.  She spent a year at the Art Institute in Boston and was a graphic designer in the D.C. area before coming to Vermont to raise her two children with her husband.

sunfest meMatthew Shelley. Shelley was raised in New Jersey’s sprawling suburbia, a
far cry from the quiet hills of Vermont. He grew up with his brother and
parents in a house regularly stocked with broken computers, family
recipes, and a menagerie of housepets which cycled over the years. First a
stagecraft major, his persuit for more varied knowledge led him to quickly
transfer to Bennington College where he studied alternative teaching (and
anything else which struck his fancy). His interest in homegrown music led
him to the field recordings of Vermont singers collected by Margaret
MacArthur in the sixties, and he has been retracing the legacy of musical
traditions in Vermont ever since. Currently he catalogues and processes
Margaret’s field recordings for the Vermont Folklife Center. Using the
same micro-studio setup and performing on over eight instruments (various
flutes, fretted instruments, drums, harp, voice) he has meanwhile been
recording an album of original songs written from his senior year of high school up until today.

527985_4010262852209_785753648_nLauren Yaffiet Watrous. Lauren Yaffiet Watrous lives in rural New England where she was raised by a teacher, weaver mom; a painter, gardener, maintenance man dad; a bookworm little sister, some sheep and a dog. Growing up in this beautiful, quiet place with no street lights, neighbors, or sidewalks Lauren felt one day she would move to a primarily paved place. As an undergraduate she went to The Art Institute of Chicago, where every other semester she took leave to realign with nature because the rural life revealed more than previously realized. Lauren works in oil and watercolor through observation of landscape and interior surrounds. She lives with her railroad engineering, vegetable growing, chicken raising, saxophone playing husband. Lauren received her MFA from MassArt in 2012 and since has been working on a number of intimately scaled paintings relating person and place.


14597_10204956215932409_4697468473176378011_nJess Weitz. Jess Weitz lives in Vermont, on Tiny Farm with her husband (a native), two kids, in-laws next door, big garden and big woods, dwarf goats and giant rabbits. She grew up in DC and returned to the homeland of her mom and grandparents in her twenties. The city pavement and anonymous faces remain a thrill but the urban spark has been joined by the mesmerizing, out of time elements of the natural world. She studied photography at Bard College, using a 10 view camera for most of her work. She also has taught photography to children and teens using The Literacy Through Photography model developed by Wendy Ewald. She is currently working in mixed media, including collage, printing making and encaustic.


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